Sevalaya's Mission
  • Make quality education accessible to underserved populations

  • Provide health services to people from impoverished backgrounds

  • Give vocational training in rural communities

  • Provide disaster relief

  • Provide food and shelter to the destitute elderly

Project Education

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Spotlight:Chellamma Bharathi Learning Centre at Kadayam

A memorial at Kadayam, where the Bharathiyar spent two productive years penning immortal poems. They exemplify his tenets of gender and social equality. This centre  will house a library, a museum , a conference hall and a 9 feet statue of the couple as the centre piece. Classes will be conducted at the centre for competitive exams.

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“Last year, I personally visited Sevalaya myself. I was simply blown away by the passion and dedication shown by everyone there in serving the underprivileged. It was a very humbling experience. They have a free orphanage for boys and girls, and shelter homes for destitute women, elderly men & women who have nobody else to support. Everyone living there get everything for free, supported by donors like us.”

— Sevalaya visit by our donor and supporter Manickam Dhamodharan

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